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How To Guide Business Growth In Times Of Crisis?

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

When crises hit companies, innovators and entrepreneurs, it is vital to consider the need to find effective tools to deal with them. This is how a deep and consistent debate begins to really understand what is happening and its consequences, many of which can be positive and negative! The process of a crisis must be matured, it is essential to fully understand what is happening. However, as the blows of a crisis can be violent and devastating, the moment to act cannot be deferred.

The best way to react to the crisis essentially leads us first to its evaluation, so that we can analyze the facts and design strategies to manage it.

Post Pandemic Crisis Statistics

Assessing The Crisis

Managing The Crisis


Post Pandemic Crisis Statistics

In the midst of an unprecedented global crisis such as COVID-19 has represented, it is particularly useful to consider what serious and reliable research reveals. For example, one of the latest studies carried out by the McKinsey Global Survey company points out important facts that facilitate certain perceptions:

  • 90% of corporate executives believe that the COVID-19 crisis will fundamentally change the way business will be conducted in the next 5 years.

  • 85% view with concern that this crisis will cause a long-lasting impact on their clients.

  • Only 21% believe they have the experience, resources and commitment to successfully achieve new growth.

  • 67% believe that this is the most critical moment of all that they have had to face in their professional career.

Assessing The Crisis

Dimensioning the effects of a crisis to find effective strategies that lead clients to overcome it with successful results raises an internal review that allows answering the following questions:

  1. What new opportunities are envisioned?

  2. 2. What innovations are possible?

  3. Is it convenient to invest in the context of current scenarios?

  4. How can they be impacted?

  5. How do needs and consumption patterns change?

  6. What adaptation should be sought?

Managing The Crisis

It is undeniable that the crisis puts pressure on any company and its teams, however, the most effective formula to fight must lead us to discover emerging opportunities in the market, new products and services, as well as innovative transformation processes. Our business culture and leadership with strategy is fundamental.

Below, we share we share the keys to success in managing crises:

Be Mindful

Adopt a results-oriented mentality, trying to reinterpret the needs of the company and those of the clients. Of course crises have negative impacts, but they also open up new opportunities.

Be Creative

Incorporate new methods and formulas. Put into practice a Plan for the Commercial Reactivation of your business to refine strategies for repositioning in the market imposed by the new reality.

Be Pragmatic

Measure the directionality of your efforts. This will help you reveal where you are going and how you are struggling to get the job done and where you are focusing on value creation.

Be Strategic

Act on the basis of eminently strategic plans and processes. With in-depth knowledge of the needs/opportunities/innovations trilogy, draw up a roadmap. This roadmap must reflect the best conditions to act based on clear knowledge, to conceptualize and provide innovative solutions that will accurately address the growth opportunities that the company has discovered.

In times of crisis, any company has the opportunity to look at its markets through a new lens and be among the first to discover and address emerging growth opportunities. With the appropriate approach and a strategic refocusing process that points in the right direction, the future of your company will bring the expected success.

Víctor Manrique

COO SuperbStrategy

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Located in Miami, the cradle of Latin American entrepreneurship, SuperbStrategy is the consultancy specialized in strategic growth that is evolving the way companies grow and positively impact the world. With a unique growth model, proprietary tools and methodologies, SuperbStrategy provides its clients with the strategy, solutions and support during implementation to unleash the maximum potential of businesses to make them grow to new levels and transcend.

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