At SuperbStrategy we are passionate about helping innovators, entrepreneurs, business owners, and government dependencies to achieve their goals. Whether to land your business idea, launch a new product, enter the US Hispanic or American market, or receiving the outstanding service that any government entity is looking for, discover why our customers are proud to have powerful strategies developed by SuperbStrategy that make them unique and successful. Let us help you unleash your company’s full potential!

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Edgar Lamela


Edgar Lamela is an accomplished Business Strategy and Marketing professional with proven experience building market leadership in Technology, Consumer Packaged Goods, Direct Sales and Travel industries. He combines an extensive experience in project management with a successful professional career within multinational companies such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever and Verizon, and a long list of accolades that support his contributions such as "10 fastest growing healthcare US companies 2018", "2017 SXSW Release It Finalist", Manager 100 "Best Marketing Manager", "Gold LATAM Path To Growth Award”, among others. Lamela has broad experience in the US Hispanic, American, and Latin American market, having been responsible for Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and worked on regional projects for Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Central America, and the Caribbean.

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Kirsten Stevens
VP Client Development 

Kirsten Stevens is a seasoned leadership professional with expertise in organizational development, strategy, project management and philanthropy. With an MBA from Florida International University, Kirsten has a strong background in hospitality management, talent recruitment and development, for profit and nonprofit startup entities and ongoing legal and ethical compliance. Born and raised in Latin America, Kirsten is fully bilingual, and her projects are global in nature. She is passionate about developing high-performing cultures of excellence where purpose and profit go hand in hand. Kirsten regularly conducts workshops, training and coaching and has served as an instructor for National Leadership Institute. Through her professional endeavors, Kirsten excels at identifying and maximizing revenue streams while optimizing social impact resulting in linked prosperity and sustainable business models.

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Victor Tomas
Project & Engagement Manager

Victor Tomas holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and a minor in finance and digital marketing from Florida Atlantic University. He mastered his technical project skills through several key software certifications in Salesforce CRM, CPQ, Microsoft PowerBI, and Tableau. Victor has led project management efforts in various technology industries, such as IT services, cybersecurity, and data analytics organizations. He has directly organized and coordinated multitasking teams (Operations, Finance, Legal, Product Marketing and R&D) to design robust and agile processes and policies in relation to the objectives of large projects. Among his accolades, he has developed and implemented -alongside executive leadership- project launches and go-to-market strategies for 10+ brands and companies.

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Pablo Perez Barreiro
Teaming Partner for Training and Development

Pablo Perez is an executive and business advisor with special skills in high-level coaching and advanced development programs implementation. He is a certified Coach in the United States, as well as a Certified Behavior Analyst. With extensive international experience, Pablo was the founder of Pérez, Porta & Asociados, which became a member firm of Arthur Andersen & Co. in Latin America with a staff of over 450 professionals. He has successfully advised executive management teams in 9 countries in Latin America, Canada and the United States. Additionally, Pablo has specialized in family business consulting, aimed at their continuity and growth towards future generations.


Victor Manrique


Victor Manrique is an experienced senior advisor with an extensive and successful C-level career within the direct selling, consumer goods and hospitality industries. During his professional career, he has become an expert in the Operations and Business Development verticals, having been responsible for the success in "turning around" several companies and advising many others to achieve their business goals. Among his key skills are the performance evaluation of organizations to meet their objectives, determine where costs can be reduced, what can be improved and what needs to be changed, devise strategies and policies to ensure that the organization meets its objectives, strategic knowledge and human resources management and have the right vision to create and fulfill aggressive business development plans to guarantee company growth.

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Nancy Padilla
Operations & Client Success Director 

With extensive experience in planning and organization, Nancy Padilla has worked as a Project Manager, managing and coordinating with great skill activities for the growth of private companies, government organizations, as well as for social and professional training programs aimed at improving the capabilities of human resource. Her extensive experience in the area of education as a university professor specializing in instructional design and teaching-learning methodologies has given her valuable experience in creating and executing business growth plans. Her specialization as a senior consultant in the area of organizational analysis has allowed her to develop, redesign and establish highly efficient organizational structures, as well as the design of the appropriate policies and procedures to maximize them.


Rafael Marrero
Teaming Partner for Government Relations

Rafael Marrero is a recognized expert nationwide in the US in federal contracting, entrepreneurship for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and graduate project management from the prestigious universities of Stanford and Cornell. Its focus is on advising entrepreneurs on how to do business and get contracts with the most powerful client in the world: the Federal Government of the United States of America (USA). Marrero is a leading speaker and guest orator at the annual convention and the Legislative Summit of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC). In addition, he is the author of the acclaimed book "La Salsa Secreta del Tío Sam” (Uncle Sam's Secret Sauce), the first book in Spanish for contracting and entrepreneurship in the US federal government sector, which was written exclusively for the Hispanic community.


Carlos Ramirez
Teaming Partner for Europe

Carlos Ramirez is a skilled lawyer graduated from the University of Zulia in Venezuela, whose career led him to specialize in Labor and Procedural Law. Being a professional with a very consolidated social contribution base, he has developed with great success as a Consultant and Legal Advisor in capturing opportunities in real estate, commercial, technology, energy, and oil business in Ibero-America and Spain. He has extensive experience in negotiations and advice on rights, obligations and conflict resolution for business development.