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Educational institutions face increasingly complex demographic, financial, technological and regulatory challenges.

In SuperbStrategy we know your business. We have proven experience providing solutions to our clients in the educational area, allowing them to successfully address these challenges, with top quality service, proprietary methodologies, effective processes, and a top level hand-holding support during implementation.

Smart Solutions To Overcome The Challenges Of Educational Businesses


Our Services for Educational Institutions

New Business Research, Marketing, Recruitment Development & Outreach


  • Market Research & Feasibility Studies. Whether you are looking to explore a new business opportunity or launch a new program / school, we have the expert knowledge to analyze your educational market, perform competitive benchmarking, conduct feasibility studies and create the right value proposition to unleash your full potential.

  • Marketing Improvement Plans & Strategies. Superbstrategy has developed the strategies and implemented the marketing improvement plans that have led postsecondary educational institutions to a higher level of business results while meeting the Department of Education requirements.

  • Recruitment Development & Outreach Plans. Nothing is more critical to the sustainability of an institution than its ability to attract prospects and convert them into enrollments. We have the expertise in Recruitment Development and deployment of Outreach plans to put your educational business on a path of sustained profitable growth.

  • Strategic Business Plans. For new schools, programs or educational business opportunities

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Continuing / Executive Education, 

Content Creation & Instructional Design


  • Continuing/Executive Education. As a subject matter expert educational consulting firm, SuperbStrategy has build CE departments -from the ground up- for our clients, tailored to their specific educational tracks, business needs and operational capabilities.

  • Course Design and Content Creation. We have experience in developing CE courses and programs. From unique curricula design to relevant content, SuperbStrategy is your best ally. We design and develop new programs/courses and update existing ones with new trends, for in-class, on-line or hybrid educational delivery methods.

  • Instructional Design. During the process of designing programs and courses, at SuperbStrategy we use the latest teaching methodologies such as the competency-based learning framework.


Financial, Operations,

Regulations & Compliance


  • Financial Improvement Plans & Stability Strategies. Our experience in the educational and business arenas allows us to create financial improvement plans adapted to your real capabilities, and at the same time, provide you with the necessary strategies to close your operational gaps.

  • Start-up Consulting. We advise local institutions, or foreign ones that want to establish themselves in the United States, to promptly start their operations complying with all the regulations.

  • Licensing and Renewals. We work with our clients in the preparation of their applications and compliance with requirements to achieve their operating licenses and subsequent annual renewals.

  • Accreditations. We advise from the selection of the appropriate accreditation board to the preparation of the required applications (ACICS, ACCSC, DEAC, ABHES, ACCET, COE, WASC, HLC).

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Management Strategy,

Training & Development


  • Management Improvement Strategies.

  • Advisory Board Services.

  • Admissions Strengthening Strategies.

  • Administrative Capacities Improvement Strategies.

  • Management/Staff Training & Development.

  • Process, Policies & Procedures Development.

  • Qualified Outsourced Personnel.

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