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Why Us?

At Superbstrategy we specialize in helping entrepreneurs, businessmen, and government entities to achieve their goals in the US. Our extensive experience and practical knowledge of the US Hispanic and American market in general, coupled with proprietary methodologies adapted to the different stages of project development and American regulatory frameworks, makes us an ally that provides the peace of mind of having the right advice and correct strategy to unleash the maximum potential of your business, from inception to its launch and operation.

Growing Opportunities for Hispanics

Hispanic owned companies are the minority segment that is growing the most in the American economy, both in the number of businesses and in turnover, which reveals the great current opportunity that exists in the US for Latinos.

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The Perfect Place to Start in the US

The metropolitan area of ​​Miami - Ft. Lauderdale - West Palm Beach has the highest concentration of Hispanic businesses in the entire US, with a Latino population of up to 67%. That is why this excellent geographical location in South Florida represents one of the first options for Hispanics who want to invest and develop their businesses on American soil.

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60% of Hispanic Businesses don't Do Well

The US is a highly competitive market, with levels of specialization, consumption habits, technology penetration and regulatory frameworks much more advanced and very different to the rest of the world. This is the reason why many foreign companies, including those that are successful in their country of origin, fail to achieve their business objectives in this country.

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+50% Will Fail in 5 Years or Less

Various studies show that more

than 50% of businesses that start operations in the US will fail,

turning this land of opportunities

into a cemetery of companies

that had good intentions but

wrong strategies and/or poor


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Reasons for Failure

Research on these companies reveals that most have failed for reasons primarily attributable to an inefficient and incorrect strategy, including misunderstanding the opportunity, underestimating the required capabilities, not having the experience or knowledge in this market, or even problems across the design of their value proposition.

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Unleash the Full Potential of Your Business

Now you can count on a team of advisors with expert knowledge in the US Hispanic and American markets that will help you build a differentiated and powerful strategy to achieve your goals. From feasibility studies and market analysis, turning your ideas into a robust business plan and attracting investors, to business launch and commercial activation plans, at Superbstrategy you will find solutions that will give you confidence and maximize your potential for success in the US.