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Cuentas con el Acumen Estratégico necesario para el Éxito en EE.UU.?

Strategic acuity is the fundamental axis of success and represents the best tool to develop competitive advantages based on a differentiated and sustainable value that allows positioning and developing the company in an increasingly complex market, such as the American market. But do you really have the strategic acumen for it?

When Edgar Lamela and I decided to create SuperbStrategy, we envisioned a new and transformative consulting model, far from the boring and theoretical concept of traditional business consulting. It is true that the strategy feeds on deep knowledge, but more than theory, what should be focused is on producing practical solutions that can be easily implemented to improve results and achieve goals.


Strategic Acumen

At Superb Strategy we adopt the concept of "Strategic Business Acumen" as a fundamental instrument for the success of our clients.

Acumen is a word of ancient use, it refers to sharpness and penetrating vision, a quality to achieve a good speed, have good understanding and intuition. In turn, the term Business Acumen is defined as business acumen and perception, that is, the sharpness and speed to understand (opportunities and risks) and treat a "commercial situation" in such a way that, with greater probability, it leads to to a good result.

We have adopted this business tool as a vehicle to improve the financial performance and leadership development of our clients.

In a practical way, with this expression we conceptualize the portfolio of skills, behaviors and capacities necessary to direct the company towards the achievement of its objectives and strategic goals from the organizational, commercial and financial angles, by making timely, correct and successful decisions. It also implies performance evaluation and good business judgment.

The Strategic Business Summary reflects the "big picture of the company", its paradigms, dimensions, as well as the active role of business leaders.

Business Strategy

Successful organizations view Business Strategy as the cornerstone of their success and use it to:

  • Simultaneously integrate the needs and objectives of the company.

  • Align work teams and processes to achieve goals.

  • Ensure that the performance of the teams assumes a primary role, fully accounting for the knowledge, skills and contexts that employees face.

  • Make proactive decisions so that they can be easily supported by the organization.

  • Simultaneously provide a model for promoting essential communications among leaders, vendors, customers, and teams.

Our Methodology

The strategy is at the center of our methodology, being the way to predict and describe the foreseeable result, identify vital actions that will lead to the achievement of the objectives and define how the teams should be aligned, carry out the processes and measure the results. To do this, at SuperbStrategy we provide results to our clients based on three pillars:


Clients need to find effective answers to their business needs. These solutions must be comprehensive, that is, they cannot stop interpreting and reflecting the knowledge of facts and realities of the ecosystem in which they coexist. Business ecosystems are interconnected wholes, with dynamic components that include the resources, functions, processes and capabilities that allow the organization to respond efficiently. No wonder they need to communicate and understand each other in order to grow.


In today's highly competitive markets, being innovative and different is essential. This is one of the biggest challenges of businessmen and entrepreneurs. That is why we help them break away from traditional formulas with fresh and updated approaches that allow them to reinvent their products, services and business models.

Influence and Handholding

Today more than ever, consulting processes require providing motivation to encourage creativity and business focus. The influence exerted by our consulting team is essential to anticipate successful results. It is also vitally important to "accompany" the client during the execution of the strategic plan and closely evaluate the variations in their mindset as well as timely and correct decision-making.

These pillars provide the bases to break into a plural market with great needs for strategic direction. This is the way in which SuperbStrategy generates value to the fabric of individuals, companies and organizations with which we interact with the desire to find practical solutions to bring them success in their innovation, reengineering or business entrepreneurship processes.

Víctor Manrique

COO SuperbStrategy

About SuperbStrategy

Located in Miami, the cradle of Latin American entrepreneurship, SuperbStrategy is the consultancy specialized in strategic growth that is evolving the way companies grow and positively impact the world. With a unique growth model, proprietary tools and methodologies, SuperbStrategy provides its clients with the strategy, solutions and support during implementation to unleash the maximum potential of businesses to make them grow to new levels and transcend.

For more information, please visit the website:

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